Q: What does FAQ stand for?

A; FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

Q; What questions do you get that are frequently asked of you?

A: There’s a few, so please read on.

Q; Who reads film authority.com?

A; Our website reached well over a quarter of a million readers in the last year. The readership is primarily in the USA and in the UK, but is widely read elsewhere in the world.

Q: How can I pay to get my film reviewed on film-authority.com?

A; You can’t pay to have your films reviewed; we don’t use a Patreon system or anything like that. If you’ve got a link to your film, send me an approach email via the address provided and I’ll let you know if I can find a space for it. I get around twenty films a day, so please don’t be offended if I don’t get round to yours, there are many possible reasons. I generally try to avoid reviewing films that I think I’m going to hate. If I accept your link but don’t get back to you, it’s because I didn’t enjoy the film enough to be postitive, and don’t want to publish a negative review.

Q: Why won’t you review my film?

A; I will consider anything, but it’s a positive if you can write a cover letter that shows some knowledge of who I am and what this blog actually does. Reading the reviews might help.

Q; Why can’t I leave a comment on a review?

A; That is a good question. The engine that powers this website is on WordPress, which means I can adjust ratings, copy and images myself in an editorial capacity. This website evolved from a daily WordPress blog, and I still share my reviews with over 1200 community members every day, many of whom do comment. But that only makes up a small percentage of the daily readership, which mainly comes from search engines, a Twitter feed, imdb, Rotten Tomatoes and other sources. If you’re not a WP user, you’d have to register to comment.

Q; Why would you even want to make it difficult to comment?

A; It’s not deliberate, but it just kind of evolved that way. After the Paddington Wars of 2020, I had to limit comments due to the number of death threats; you can read a bit more about what went down here.

Q; What’s your problem with Paddington Bear?

A; No problem. I much prefer the old Paddington bear in the books and tv show to the new CGI Paddington, with political views which I don’t think are right for a children’s character. If you like the new one, good luck to you, but I’m entitled to my opinion, no matter what kind of trouble it gets me into.

Q; Will you ever reconsider your Paddington 2 review?

A; Yes. There’s close to 3000 reviews on this blog, some of them are stubs ie short reviews that are there to be expanded on. So I do update reviews if there’s a change of information about a film, or how I feel about it. I’ll probably take another look at Paddington 2 at some point, since it’s upset so many people.

Q; Why don’t you kill yourself, Paddington hater?

A; Sigh. Next?