This blog is about finding something good for you to watch.

Conventional online interfaces only do so much: they sell the very latest product and provide computerised recommendations based on algorithms. is not like that. These are personal recommendations, watched and shared. The films featured are (almost all) online, and I saw something of merit in each of these films, so there’s few one or two star reviews; three means I enjoyed it, four means I really enjoyed it and five means a stone cold classic. A few unfortunates get ripped apart for sport as No Awards.

I’ll put links where can (iTunes, BFI, Vudu), and there will also be occassional paid ie advertising links where appropriate; it’s largely my own personal writings, so if its got someone else’s name on it, it’s an ad. Over time, links can change so apologies if you happen upon a review which has no link or the link does not work, feel free to let me know and I’ll try and fix them.

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