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Love in Kilnerry


‘…a certain type of indie film-making that has an eye on mass audience approval…’

What goes on behind the calm exteriors of New Hampshire? Are there rampant libidos, just waiting to be unleashed at the drop, or even the mere mention, of a chemical cosh? That’s the scenario under investigation in Daniel Keith’s frothy comedy Love in Kilnerry, which concerns a small-town community who are told that a nearby chemical works has accidentally released a love potion into their water supply, one that’s caused lab rats to literally fornicate themselves and each other to death. Will the mysterious emissions P172 have the same effect on the residents of Kilnerry?

Keith’s film has the kind of thematic core that recalls Ealing comedies or even 70’s sexploitation, but things are worked out in a more heart-warming style. That’s not to say the actual gags here are squeaky clean; some, referencing paedophile priests and child molestation, are pretty full on. Keith plays sheriff Gary O’Reilly, who refuses to get with the summer of free love in his home-town, and decides to stick to bottled water. But can he resist shop-owner Nessa (Kathy Searle) and the paradigm shift from respectability to full-on orgies breaking out around him?

Love in Kilnerry is currently sporting a 95 percent on RT, and it’s not for this critic to burst that balloon. With a lush Randy Edelman score and some nice picturesque visuals, it’s an easy film to watch, and despite reshoots, the story is cohesive and just about satisfying. This may well be too cute for some, but those who find films too alienating will relish an environment that’s halfway between Schitt’s Creek and The Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow.

Love in Kilnerry has had a healthy US cinema release, and should pick up a wider audience on streaming; it’s a certain type of indie film-making that has an eye on mass audience approval in the vibe of The Full Monty. If nothing else, it creates an aura of mystery around the good people of New Hampshire; are they secret libertarians behind that gruff exterior? Either way, if you dig the kind of gags in the trailer, you’ll dig this slight but effective broad comedy.


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  1. The word ‘anathema’ sprang to mind when I saw the picture, and was corroborated when I saw the trailer, then entrenched when I read your most excellent review. Nope.

  2. Nothing secret about half the state being Libertarian. We don’t keep it a secret at all 😀
    And we do have mountains. People (and by that I mean idiots) regularly die on Mt Washington because they’re not prepared. Not Rocky Mountain levels of mountains though.
    Any other questions?

      • Up north the mountains do get closer to the coast. But nothing Alpine.
        Not that I’m aware of, but we do have a guy who runs for president every cycle and he wears a boot on his head. Despite the weather, there are some nudist colonies kicking around. What a bunch of crazies if you ask me.

        • we do have a guy who runs for president every cycle and he wears a boot on his head.

          This is the highlight of my day so far.

  3. This seems very European and not at all like an American movie. Chocolat in New Hampshire? Does NH have mountains like that? The trailer felt off to me. Way off.

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