Moon, 66 Questions


‘…a tricky, elusive piece of work that’s low on contrivance, but high on what feels like an honest attempt to understand human relationships…’

‘Who cares for the carers?’ is an age-old manta, one that’s evoked by Greek filmmaker Jacqueline Lentzou in this oddly titled, but worthwhile film. This is the story of a young girl who devotes a considerable amount of time and effort to the care of her father; a serious, not uncommon subject, but one that gets a personal, studied approach that should be of interest to art-film enthusiasts.

After viewing some home-made footage which may or may not reflect her own memories, Artemis (Sofia Kokkali) returns to her native Greece; her father Paris (Lazaros Georgakopoulos) is increasingly frail, and needs assistance with his physical movements. While there is a bond between father and daughter, there’s also a disconnect, and resolving that is very much the business of Moon, 66 Questions.

Don’t let the character names confuse you; this isn’t Clash of the Titans but a very small, matter of fact film with some classical allusions; Lentzou is something of a critical darling, and her work should appeal to those who savour the aesthetic of say, Andrea Arnold. There are some fleet moments here, notably when Artemis overhears two men discussing her father’s condition in a garden; she captures something universal in their dialogue. And there’s a stunning moment in which Artemis discovers a hidden secret; trying to reverse a car in an underground garage, she accidentally slams it against the wall in frustration, and the glove-box magically pops open.

Moon 66, Questions, as the title suggests, is a tricky, elusive piece of work that’s low on contrivance, but high on what feels like an honest attempt to understand human relationships. Some may find the result high-minded or pretentious, but it’s also recognisably human and should strike a chord with anyone who has chosen to nurse a parent. Illuminated by two empathetic performances, Moon, 66 Questions should mark out Lentzou has a talent to watch on the European film scene.

Moon, 66 Questions is in UK cinemas nationwide from 24 June 2022.


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  1. Where does the idea of unrelenting misery come from? Is that a catch-all for art films. It’s as difficult for the young to understand the old as vice-versa, but that’s where our old pal love comes in, to cross such boundaries.

    • Must agree with fraggle. I no longer enjoy watching films of unrelenting misery. This may not be one of those, but it’s got my spidey senses tingling.

      • I do try and avoid subjecting myself to unrelenting misery. In general, I try not to review anything that threatens to offer a bad time…

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