‘…perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon…’

Horse racing; it’s not usually a sport that we associate with the big screen, but there have been notable exceptions. Tobey Maguire in Seabiscuit, proved that they’re worth watching when they’re done well. So, after discovering that Disney had grabbed the reins of this story, Secretariat certainly seemed to have a lot of promise. But then, knowing that John Malkovich features in one of the starring roles further piqued interest, helping it earn over $60m in the box office worldwide.

Secretariat tells the story of Penny Chenery, played by Diane Lane of Judge Dredd fame, who heads home to the family farm and their stable of thoroughbred horses after her mother’s death. Her father, the legendary trainer Chris Cheney (Scott Glenn), ailing with dementia, cannot deal with the sporting operation, so Penny saddles up for the ride to revive the fortunes of the failing family business by aiming to take their star steed to the Kentucky Derby. The eyes of the world focus on the Kentucky Derby each year, whether they are watching Secretariat, the 2021 winner Medina Spirit or Smile Happy, rated as the favourite for the 2022 race in Ladbrokes horse racing odds. Whichever horse is out front, very few get a feature-length movie about them, which underlines the protagonist’s impact on racing across the country. Even fewer of those horses are able to challenge for the triple crown. That’s what the movie covers, and covers well.

As this movie is based around true-to-life events back in the early seventies, it’s interesting to see the portrayal of the sport, which was very much a male-dominated world back then. Short shrift was commonplace when it came to attitudes given towards women, but when Chenery persuades veteran trainer Lucien Laurin (Malkovich) to get on board, it gives her the chance to prove herself alongside one of the sport’s more respected figures. Malkovich is funny, albeit unintentionally, throughout the film; his attempts at a French-Canadian accent are amusing, to say the least, but it strangely almost adds a charm to the movie. In amongst the racing, which is very well shot, Chenery has to balance out her life as a mother and a wife back in Colorado, which brings its own troubles, and the way in which Randall Wallace has directed the movie certainly does the story justice and manages to keep the off-track action in the film cantering along at a good pace. Wallace is a well-established writer; his nomination at the Oscars for best screenwriter with Braveheart, as referenced by Forbes, proves that he certainly knows what it takes to tell a story and that shines through in Secretariat.

While the film is based around the equine protagonist, the star is Lane; she puts in a solid, believable performance and certainly does portray the image of a strong, determined, independent woman. Although some may argue it makes the movie more about her than it should be when the focus should be on the horse. Maybe we’re nit-picking a little too much, but for someone not really au-fait with racing, Secretariat is a typical film from the house of the mouse. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that we’ve all become used to from a Disney movie. Is it the best movie ever? Absolutely not, but it’s one that is perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon where you get the snacks out with the family and all get around the TV.

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  1. I am a sucker for sports movies even ones whose rules I don’t understand. this was pretty good as I recall. Diane Lane still somewhat underrated. I don’t get the movies for a blind date. That’s like you don’t want to talk to the person for at least two hours – three hours plus in the old days of double bills. Although you would soon find out if they were a jabbermouth.

  2. I really need to watch this one again. The first time I saw it was on the most akward blind date of my life, and prevented me from giving this film proper attention!

    • I’ve had a few like that. Nothing worse than thinking ‘I might enjoy this better if I was one my own!’

    • Ha. Same story, different movie: Planet of the Apes remake with James Franco. Oh, and the movie Singles, you know, the grunge movie with Matt Dillon. I don’t think any of us writing reviews doesn’t have THAT movie-moment in our past.

      • I took a first date to Martha, Marcy, May , Marlene, which is a combo I wouldn’t recommend, even if the film was good, the orgies and bloodletting were not condusive to a good connection.

  3. Since this was written by somebody other than Dix, I will keep my tone respectful and polite.

    The Black Stallion could kick Secretariats butt ANY DAY!
    cheers enthusiastically

    • I watched The Black Stallion recently and will post my review soon, but you are correct. Black Stallion wins and will play the Smurfs in the final game.

        • Teddy Ruxpin was last spotted in House of Gucci. faCt!

          I’m sure the Smurfs will up up a fight, they utterly smashed the Care Bears the other night.

          • Shoot. I had money on that fight too. I was betting Grumpy Bear would be last man standing.

            You know what would have made this movie better? If Grumpy Bear had been riding Secretariat and rode down the entire Smurf village.

  4. Ack. Horse racing. Only Tennis and Golf movies are less interesting. Yes, even the Will Smith ones.

    • I’ve always hoped to meet a Bagger Vance enthusiast. We have a couple of horses, but I’m squeamish about horse racing, so was glad that someone else tok the reins for this one…

      • Hahaha. Bagger Vance! Forgot that one.

        Shite, Will Smith did a golf AND tennis movie. Will he do a horse movie — with Jaden, natch — to complete the trifecta? With Jaden, the horse will be “mystical” in some strange, new-age way. And Ms. Pinkett will rant how wonderful Will is and deserving an Oscar.

        • Even his football movie, Concussion, was awful. He never saw a sport he didn’t think he could bore us to death with. I guess he peaked with his Wild Wild West theme song…

          • You got me again!!! That’s right. He did a football movie, too. Okay, before I open my big mouth: I checked to see if he did a baseball flick. I’m not seeing one. . . .

            Ugh. Wild West West. What a stupid f’ing movie. Mechanical, steam-powered spiders. . . .

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