The Red Queen Kills Seven Times


‘…a lively giallo, full of twists and turns, never boring and often intriguing…’

‘Even the police know I’m an incredible nymphomaniac!’ is a good sample line from Emilio Miraglia’s wonderfully overcooked giallo, which keeps one guessing by being so nutty that placing a bet on who-dunnit is all but impossible. I probably spent more time sourcing a trailer for this one that writing the review, since most of them are NSFW unless you have gainful employment as a serial killer. But I found one eventually, and one that just about captures the many qualities of this ‘dazzaling’ movie.

Notebooks ready? Let the investigation proceed. Barbara Bouchet is Kitty, one of two sisters (Marina Malfatti is the other, Franziska) who have been brought up to fear a family curse that may lead to murder; a flashback reveals that Kitty already has plenty of reasons to feel guilt. The death of their grandfather promises a liquidation of finances and potential windfalls for all of the Wildenbrück family, but his will proves inconclusive.

The action then shifts to a successful fashion house which seems to be called Springe; Kitty is having an affair with the company’s boss Martin (Ugo Pagliai) whose wife is mentally ill. With various murders taking place, could the supernatural Red Queen be taking her revenge on the family, or is the solution something more practical?

You’ll come for the detectivework, but you’ll stay for the gowns and the crazy 70’s decor. The real solution is so complicated that even several readings of the Wikipedia page fail to clarify exactly what happened, but it’s always fun getting there; the costumes and décor are super-stylish, as are the Bavarian locations. This is a lively giallo, full of twists and turns, never boring and often intriguing; the permenantly great Sybill Danning also appears as a genuine windfall bonus. The punchline is, this Red Queen Kills.


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  1. Sybill Danning means an automatic pass from me.

    I guess I do have one question though. Why does the Red Queen stop at 7 kills? 10 seems a bit more balanced in my opinion….

    • They had no thought of metric or decimal system when it came to the red queen’s rampage. Fact!

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