The Film Authority Looks Back on 2021…

…a quarter of a million readers can’t be wrong…can they? Probably…

The image above tells a story; it features the illustrious salon of words and images of a select cognoscenti of individuals who blog separately, but are temporarily inseparable in the guise of the WordPress 4. Fellow WordPress 4 members, I salute you all!. When I started blogging in earnest last year, I set a rough goal of how many readers I hoped to reach; anywhere near a quarter of a million readers (weekly readership 4.3k, annual 220,000+) was well beyond any of my number-crunching plans, and as I humble-brag approaching this milestone, I thank readers, aggregators, commenters, publicists, film-makers and all those who have contributed their time and dedication to making this site a ongoing pleasure to create, if not to actually read. And yes, I know, most of these views were probably generated accidentally by me correcting my own typos…

So a few stats to cap off the year, and a ‘half in half’ dozen most popular reviews. The top six most popular positive reviews with readers were…

  1. Don’t Look Up 2. The Matrix Resurrections 3. Stillwater 4 Raya and the Last Dragon 5. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 6. Minimata.

But even more popular were a slew of negative reviews, it does seem that slagging something off floats the boats of the readers, and why not?. The top six pannings were.

  1. Wonder Woman 1984 2 The Eternals 3. Old 4 .Red Notice 5. No Time to Die 6. Coming 2 America

Sticking with the good stuff, the’s own personal favourite 2021 Top Ten, in no particular order, were, House of Gucci, The Green Knight, The Beta Test, The Last Duel, Dune, Coda, Tick Tick Boom, C’Mon C’Mon, Cruella and Being the Ricardo’s.

Special mentions for the slew of great indie films, so awards for Crisis, Danny Legend God, Woe, Wanton Want, Two Yellow Lines, Pig, Even Mice Belong in Heaven, Sunset on the River Styx, Hit Record, Collusions, The Land of Owls and many, many more. On tv there was enthusiasm for The Queen’s Gambit, The Undoing, Mare of Easttown, Ted Lasso, and of course the SNL Iceberg sketch. And a boot in the hole for hot garbage like Last Night in Soho, Halloween Kills and The Kings Man; you know you can do better.

Let’s stuff 2021 back in the memory hole, and look forward to a better future.

Happy New Year to all readers, and I’ll see you on the other side in 2022 !


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  1. Congratz on your growth! I take it you’re not looking forward to Halloween Ends, and I’ve just been informed that we’re apparently getting another Scream film … for some reason.

    I definitely think the best part of WordPress is the community — having peers that genuinely enjoy and care about your work.

    • Also, I guess I just figured out how to comment on your blog! It’s letting me post in “Reader” mode.

      I have been trying, but whenever I try commenting directly through your site’s URL, I kept getting an error message about accepting some privacy policy.

      • I’ve been in correspondence with WordPress today, we’re pulling levers to make it work for everyone, thanks for your patience…

    • Halloween can’t end fast enough for me, and I’m already making plans to skip the press show for Scream 5, never liked any of them and skipped the last one…

  2. I’m just happy if I get more than 250 views! 😏 You’ve done an immense job, sir! Well done! I’ve really enjoyed reading your entertaining posts since I discovered your blog via Bookstooge. It’s so nice to find a fellow comic book fan! Here’s to another wonderful year of comic book reviews. Best wishes from Japan. 👺👍⛩️ ps. DUNE was Dope! Did I ever mention I like movies, too?

  3. Thank you for all the great reviews throughout the year man. Loved discovering your blog and reading along. Dune was great. Looking forward to what you’ll bring in 2022

    • Thanks for the comments! Just rewatched Dune at home and still digging it; a visionary work. Happy new year when it comes!

  4. Who is that dashing cat with a sword? I like the cut of his jib.

    Congratulations on 2021 being such a good year. Hope things go well in 2022. Perhaps some day we won’t be wearing masks anymore, the movies will be better, and the commenting function around here . . .

    • I think that’s your avatar, the alternate universe version of yourself…all the indications are that next year should be better than the one before, so let’s hope so…

      The Commenting Section works for you, Bunty, so what’s the complaint?

  5. Congrats on your 250 million followers! SO glad they don’t all comment at once or I’d never find Booky and Alex! Keep up the good work, you’ve saved me from many a crap movie. Bliadhna mhath Ùr. (Possibly. )

  6. What a year! Congratulations on a well-deserved 250k views. This is my go-to place before I watch any recently released films. Really agree with your best of list….my favorite film was “The Last Duel.” I was sort of crushed by the controversy surrounding it and it’s disappointing numbers, because these are the kinds of movies I personally want to see more of. And “Cruella” is the first movie I saw in the theater post-pandemic (when I thought it not only possible but likely that I would never see a movie in a theater again), so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Congrats and can’t wait to see what you have planned for us in ’22!

    • Licorice Pizza, Cyrano, Operation Mincemeat, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Nightmare Alley, Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness monster, all the big films you could hope for, all in the works! Cruella was a real dark horse this year, but despite some obvious faults, I really dig it. And The Last Duel really was terrific, despite the annoying lack of positive public reaction. Congrats on your own unique and informative writings on great movies, and let’s keep the victory roll of great movies going in 2022!

  7. I am saddened that your audience didn’t make Dune your Number 1 review. I was gladdened to see that you corrected that oversight with your own personal recommendation though. It comes out on bluray here in the States on January 11 and I’ve already pre-ordered it. I can’t wait to watch it! It’s probably the first movie I’ve been really excited to watch in a long, long time.

    And a huge congrats on that massive number. 250K. Sometimes I dream about numbers like that then I come onto your blog and realize that would mean putting up with people like me and Alex every single day! I don’t think I have thick enough skin or the mental toughness to do that. So cheers to you 😀

    • I won’t have a word said against ANY of the WP4! Dune was easily one of the best of the year, and I’m confident you’ll dig it, Emerson tv or not! But numbers aren’t everything, it’s the connection that counts, and your comments and blogging have been a treat this year, and hopefully into 2022 as well ! FACt!

  8. Excellent round-up. Always interesting to see what scores with your readers and what does not. Well done for breaking the quarter-million barrier. So you’re doing something right. Happy new year when it comes.

    • Thanks, and congrats on your own writing, always a pleasure to read!
      Nice to see you at our festive night out, and hope to do it all again in 2022!

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