The Ultimate Christmas Tree Toy Hunt Quiz Game

So this is Christmas…and to celebrate, we’re having a break from our scheduled programming and inviting you to join us on our very special seasonal adventure!

The rules are simple; I’ve put 21 toys under the Christmas tree, and I’m sure you’ll be able to identify most of them. If you can get any five correct answers, then you qualify to compete for the ultimate prize, but to win it, you’ll also have to identify the very tricky number 21. There’s 12 days of Christmas, so you’ve got 12 days to identify them all! Answers and winner announced on Jan 6th 2022!


Update; And the first brave entry has come in, 5/5, well done, but no, it’s not The Big Lebowski, although I can see how you might get that….

Update 2; And no, sorry , it’s not Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, although again, I can see how you got there….

Update 3; it is also not Tiny Tim, or Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Good guesses.

Update 4; Not is it Homer Simpson, or the actor who plays him. Nice try!

Update 5; Nor is it Joel Grey in Cabaret, but we’re getting warmer…

Update 6; It’s not the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

Update 7; It’s not Ben Johnson from The Last Picture Show.

Update 8; It’s not Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in The Godfather.


  1. (This is NOT R2D2, fraggle!)




















  1. And this is the big one, the tiebreaker, can you identify this Oscar-nominated actor and in which role?

Answers to by Jan 6th 2022. No cash alternatives offered. No timewasters or Paddington 2 fans please. Merry Christmas to all.


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    • Sigh. I haven’t made a formal announcement. But no-one got the tie-breaker right, so although the awards ceremony will be muted, you will still get all the glory of being on the leaderboard. It’s a great honour. I wish everyone could get a prize, I really do.

        • And yet you stand voiceless while Alex refuses to accept that I ace his quiz on a weekly basis? I’ve seen the accusations made against you regarding reverse picture searches, the word on the street is you’ve got something to hide. I hearby subpeona you to testify in the ‘stop the steal’ inquiry to get to the bottom of who has been trying to steal my quiz victories from me! I’ll start by reading some of your text messages to an agog press….

            • That’s what you think. I’m writing some now as placeholders until my investigation is complete. I notice you do not deny the accusations.

              • Of course I don’t! You win the quiz because you know the answers without research, and I just do looking things up like who’s in the movie, or what the scene represents, so not really winning, just having a bash. There are some great Chinese sites out there with lots of movie info and I use them quite a bit. Can’t see the problem meself, Alex doesn’t mind and it is his quiz.

                • Well, it is my contention that Alex plays down my successes and frequently lets you away with stuff that I don’t get away with. I believe that until Alex and his quiz and reformed, there will be no fairness in the world of movie quizzes. I am subpoenaing all his text messages and comments until I get to the bottom of this scandal.

                  What do we have to do to get Booky to eat his greens? Nothing wrong with broccoli…

  1. Rubbing hands together with glee

    Now this is my kind of Christmas, my friend. A couple of these are going to be tricky.

    Am I allowed to take to my Christmas gathering and ask for help from fellow Novaks???

    Merry Christmas, my friend. You make the internet great.

    • As indeed do you, I’m constantly recommending your wonderful writing!

      No limits on numbers of participants, so make it a family affair, and if you get all twenty, that’s FOUR swings of the bat at that tricky number 21….

      12 Days and countimg….Merry Christmas indeed!

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