‘…cheap but undeniable thrills…’

“If one person enjoys this movie, then I’ve done my job’ is a cliché for spurned artists; there’s so little love around for Courtney Solomon’s car chase thriller than admirers may well feel that they’re in a minority of one. The public stayed away, the critics were savage, and yet Getaway is a real guilty pleasure.

The concept is simple; Ethan Hawke is ex-racing car driver called Brent Magna, trapped in a Die Hard-lite scenario; a mysterious voice (Jon Voight) gives him a series of automotive tasks to complete with the life of his kidnapped wife at stake. Magna ends up stealing a Shelby Super Snake Mustang complete with horrified owner (Selena Gomez), and together they attempt to wriggle out of the trap.

Shot in Bulgaria, Getaway avoids CGI in favour of practical race and chase stunts, and there’s plenty of bang for your buck. There’s slumming stars (including perfect B-movie support from Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Paul Freeman and the permanently fabulous Bruce Payne), jazzy, over-cranked action, a ninety-minute running time and a silly but pleasing story.

When the Fast and Furious films are getting increasingly bloated and less fun than they should be, Getaway offers cheap but undeniable thrills for the world’s carmageddon junkies. It’s a B movie, sure, and isn’t trying to change the world. But sometimes you just need a fast car, a guy and a girl, and a goodies vs baddies scenario that simplifies the world to something simple and satisfying.



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  1. Okay, so did I get the idea to watch this movie subconsciously implanted in my mind by seeing your review, or is it just a coincidence that I started watching this movie and found your review? oO

      • Me too! The first Die Hard and the first Transporter were fun films. All the various sequels were just action movies. So depending on mood determines if I think they’re any good that time or not 😀

        • I can embrace most things from that genre, even Under Siege or Sudden Death. Or even Passenger 57. It’s a tired formula now, but sometimes, you just want a simple thrill ride.

  2. Seems more like Fraggle’s thing. She’s the gearhead. I don’t really get the whole genre of movies about people driving cars. Baby Driver. Drive. All those F&F and Transporter movies. Was Hal Needham the guy who figured out you could have whole movies that were just cars racing around? Gotta blame someone.

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