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Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties


‘…essential cinema…’

‘I’m not doing the ugly American thing,’ says Garfield (Bill Murray) in this souped-up sequel to 2004’s pretty awful Garfield, which takes the feline sour-puss off in a much more plot-driven direction and generates a good few laughs in the process.Murray has made a big deal of saying he regrets making two movies as the voice of Garfield, but for the record, I have no regrets at all about watching the second installment of the adventures of this animated cat.

As the title suggests, Tim Hill’s film uses Charles Dickens as a jumping off point, although The Prince and the Pauper’s dual protagonist is also a clear inspiration. Garfield stows away with his doggy-pal Odie when his own heads to London on holiday, but unknown to them, lookalike Prince (voiced by Tim Curry) has been exiled from his castle after inheriting it; the nefarious Lord Manfred Dargis (Billy Connolly) is responsible.

When Garfield meets Prince, predictable music-hall mirror gags abide, but there’s also plenty of life in the minor characters, with Ian Abercrombie, Roger Rees and Lucy Davis all having a laugh. A Tale of Two Kitties was less than enthusiastically received in 2006, but it looks much brighter in the light of cheap imitations like The Queen’s Corgi; predicable gags like Garfield getting chased by palace guards while shouting ‘The British are coming!’ or Garfield’s doppelganger saying ‘I used to be formerly known as Prince’ hit exactly the right spot.

And the perennially underused Billy Connolly shines in a role presumably intended for, and rejected by John Cleese; the Glasgow comic throws himself into the role of thwarted wannabe aristocrat with genuine glee. He’s every bit as good in this as he was in Muppets’ Treasure Island, and regular readers will know that is as high praise as this writer can bestow. Essential cinema.


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    • Both. You are correctly reading between the lines, I’m a cat person, although dogs are cool too.

  1. Come to think of it, a soft-rebooted 3rd Garfield film with Bill Murray probably would do pretty well around now (not that he’ll ever agree to do it). Honestly, any big-budget Garfield film would probably do great because of its branding — it seems like anything that’s already a household name has a shot at being a major film franchise, despite COVID still lingering.

    If The Emoji Movie can somehow made 4x its budget, I see no reason why Garfield wouldn’t be able to thrive in theaters. I’m honestly surprised Garfield hasn’t been rebooted for the big screen already.

    • I’m throwing my hat into the ring to revive the franchise; they must have enough off-cuts of Bill Murray that I could construct a film around?

      • That’s fine, but seeing as your blog is written in English, and your folllowers respond in English, it might have been a good idea to put the English version up there as well. entiendes mi amigo?

                • Right,Little Miss Smartypants, I’ve replaced my Garfield 2 trailer with one that is not in the international banking language. Happy? HAPPY?

                  • I had to find the subtitles, the subtitles are in Italian. You can go to the settings in the youtube trailer that says you can auto translate into English which I did. By which time the trailer had ended. So I pressed replay and they had been translated into English. For the benefit of our English speaking readers I will give you the translated first minute, after that I lost the will to live.

                    ‘he dosed the vestals since the artist flares a ne of zero thorn merits of the savoy not of nine after the reconquest he experienced a whack a mer for political purposes.’

                    Bliddy ridiculous carry on. Please confine yourself to English speaking trailers in future.

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