The Film Authority Does Edinburgh…

Once again, I’ve forgotten to post up the links to the last BBC discussion, but in order to keep readers in the loop, here’s a quick run-down of some moonlighting side-hustles outside of the confines of the blog. I’ve been writing for The List magaine, paper and online, for nearly twenty years, and was delighted to be asked to cover the 2021 Edinburgh International Film Festival for the publication. There’s over 800 articles on The List’s website that I’ve contributed, and it was a pleasure to be able to cover a festival which came off the ropes in style with a fighting comback after a year aff wi’ the covid.

The opener this year was the Nic Cage drama Pig, which I reviewed on; I interviewed the creative team behind the film here ( I also rattled through some of the programme highlights, and therefore won’t be reviewing these titles for The excellent New Zealand drama The Justice of Bunny King is well worth a look ( and hopefully represents the eclectic taste of the festival’s new director Kristy Matheson. I’d also featured fresh releases like Mad God and The Beta Test on my own website, but there was also fun to be had with the truly bizarre giant film movie Mandibles ( and a neat closer in Billy Crystal comedy/drama Here Today ( All in all, it was great to see signs of life in a venerable festival I’ve attended since I was a teenager; 1988’s Bull Durham was my first movie at the Filmhouse, and hopefully there’ll be more to come.

My regular reader will know that I have been engaged in a daily struggle to improve the level of comments featured on this website, and in order to turbo-charge that quality, I have recently taken to banning and blocking various miscreants who cannot behave. This is partly because the number of comments was getting out of hand, and it was taking me all day to respond. Now that some kind of practical level of reality has been restored, I am now formall unblocking and unbanning those concerned, and trust that a high level of intellectual discourse will be the inevitable result.



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  1. I wonder if your trust will be misplaced. Festival had some good pictures this year and thanks for giving us the lead on many of them. I had a job there once and my job was to sit in the front row and tell the projectionists if anything went wrong. That was in the days when Film House was in a tiny building.

    • There’s an upturn from having good PR, and not just showcasing work that comes from the same finding pot…

  2. “I am now formally unblocking and unbanning those concerned, and trust that a high level of intellectual discourse will be the inevitable result.”

    Your threat is registered! Only insight, wit and effervescent charm from now on. Congratulations on Edinburgh!

  3. You stay busy! I obviously knew that because you post every day (or even sometimes twice a day) and even I can’t do that. I know the amount of work it takes. Do you have to deal with carpal tunnel at all?

    Glad to see you unbend and unban. I promise to not go hogwild and start introducing a certain sky shade of woad and certain below the back body part into every conversation. I’m WAY more classy than that..
    Even Psychic G would be proud of me…

    • Reaches to his pocket for a yellow card….I feel free to cannibalise previously posted reviews that got lost before I had a foothold to an audience. So Alex had to be banned for continually pointing that out. But once he was banned, it just became an easy way of achieving more purity in the quality of comments. But my mission is to educate, so I welcome the miscreants and will train them to be masters, much as I did with you, my little ewok…

      • How did you lose stuff? Data crash?

        And ewoks can pilot X-Wings, so I’d be careful if you see a bunch of them aimlessly loitering around your place. Probably scoping it out.

        • No, I just mean they were posted before I rode the P2 wave and saw a much smaller readership. With nearly 2000 reviews, some do vanish or get garbled, so weeding and repotting is required.

  4. Good stuff in the articles. I’m looking forward mostly to Pig. As always I will continue with my erudite, insightful comments wot have kept your blog going in the lean times and look forward to the return of the bannedaleros. Well done and carry on.

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