Love, Weddings & Other Disasters

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‘…this is a disaster in every sense, a hokey smorgasbord of ancient gags and glutinous sentiment that curdles on impact with the frontal lobes…’

And now, by popular request, some negativity. In general, this blog tries to pick the winners from the field, and make positive hay from the crème de la crème of movies. But every so often, there’s a few bad movies which just have to be reviewed, as a public service to prevent the unwary from stumbling on them. Dennis Dugan’s Love, Weddings & Other Disasters is a cinematic disaster, a terrible riff on the Love Actually multi-story multiplex pleaser that surfaces on Amazon Prime in the UK and really needs, rather than a review, a warning that the entire film is a choking hazard.

Appearances are deceptive; there are two big stars here that promise value. Jeremy Irons has been a beloved actor for four decades, and co-star Diane Keaton even longer. He plays a posho maitre’d who lacks a partner; she plays a blind date who turns up, chortle chortle, to be blind herself. And if you think that means lots of laughs about bumping into furniture, knocking over displays of champagne glasses and other clichés that poke fun at genuine disabilities, you’d be uncomfortably right.

And yet Keaton and Irons are easily the best thing in this shambles, in which most of the cast seem to have been selected for their resemblance to other stars. There’s a park singer who looks like Drew Barrymore, a lovelorn tour guide who resembles Chris Tucker playing Sinbad, a hunky singer sporting a Leonardo DiCaprio haircut, Maggie Grace plays a wedding planner with a Kristen Stewart hairdo. Each look-a-like features in a number of supposedly romantic stories set in the Boston area. A reality tv show pairs the mayor’s brother with a stripper, who is literally chained to him. A short man is paired with, wait for it, a tall woman ! An Israeli is paired with….a Palestinian! Sit back and watch the sparks fly!

Wrongly listed on Amazon Prime in their ‘movies we think you’ll like’ section, Love, Weddings & Other Disasters is something of a misfire for Dugan, who has directed some of the best (and worst) Adam Sandler vehicles. The comic timing that Dugan brought to Happy Gilmore, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Don’t Mess With The Zohan is missing here, and the result is as flat as Jack and Jill. Boston looks reasonably pretty, and the lack of swearing and sex is something of a novelty, but ultimately this is a disaster in every sense, a hokey smorgasbord of ancient gags and glutinous sentiment that curdles on impact with the frontal lobes. Avoid!


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  1. Yeah, even without your dire warnings, this would have been a no-go for me. Most romcoms don’t make my cut and I’d have to go look at my dvd’s to see if I actually own any.

    Now, if Keaton had turned out to be a martial artist secretly working for MI11, and her codename was Zatoichi, then I’d be interested. But watching a politician wannabe chained up to a hooker?

    You know what I JUST realized? In my head, for who knows how many years, I’ve been thinking that Jeremy Irons was the same as Michael Ironsides. Glad that got cleared up in here.

    • Diane Keaton; Code Name Zatoichi would be a film I’d be keen to see.

      There’s a joke almost there, I see a punchline “Jeremy Irons and Walt Disney’ …OK, here it is!

      Q; Which celebrities love to go the the laudrette?
      A: Jeremy Irons and Walt Disney.

      Not quite there, but better than your vampire book….

      • Considering I’ve watched one or two of the Zatoichi films, I’d watch that too!

        ba dum tish 😵

        Yeah, ANYTHING is better than that book…..

  2. For some movies, after I watch the trailer, I think, I’m only seeing that if someone I trust says it’s good. It looks like a film that could be totally dull or have some unexpected charm. Thanks for letting me know it’s the former!

    • This will only work as a hate-watch. I think Love Actually is pretty good, but this is anything but. But if you fancy sharpening your teeth on it, this film would drive anyone to write a no-star review.

        • There’s some terrible moments (the sex film, the Playboy Bunnies) that feel like a sop to something else. But some of the stuff with Neeson, Rickman and Linney is great, and the whole package works. You’ll be begging to see Love Actually by the time you get half-way through Love, Weddings & Other Disasters. I would be VERY interested to hear if I’ve gone too far on this one, maybe it had an innocous charm I’ve overlooked.

    • I hope you’re taking no pleasure from my Paddington-level mishaps? Hopefully hardcore Diane Keaton fans won’t see this review, so don’t go dangling it in front of them!

      • Am I taking pleasure in the Paddington murder? Ur, that’s a toughy. I’ll say no, and instead suggest that’s more of Alex’s expertise. That’s a little thing called deflection – I’ve mastered it, you’d be wise to learn from me. What happened to Alex anyway? Abandoned your blog, by the look of it. Probably still grieving the death of that poor little bear…

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