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From the Desk of The Film

Back on the BBC steam radio this morning, discussing Amazon’s take-over of MGM on Good Morning Scotland with the always knowlegable Gary Robertson.With Disney absorbing Fox, and Warners, HBO and Discovery merging via AT and T, there’s a lot of this big-fish-eat-little-fish going on, probably accelarated due to ongoing financial vulnerability caused by the pandemic. While this is an obvious coup for Amazon in terms of content for Prime, it’s a shame that film-makers who upload their films onto the Amazon prime platform get such a raw deal in terms of money. It’s the indie sector that seems to be under threat right now, and Amazon could easily help if they wanted to, it’s not too late for them to revise terms. Was up at 6.30am for a 7.15am start, so about 70-80 mins in if you’re interested.

I keep forgetting to post these things up, but belatedly, here’s my latest contribution to popular culture in terms of reviews for the institution that is the BBC Scotland Afternoon Show. Broadcast earlier this month, I’m in a clash of the titans with the legend that is London-based film guru Wendy Lloyd and the referee is the always-firm but-fair Grant Stott. Films include Once Upon A River, Cowboys and Apples, and I also give a plug to US indies The Get Together and Paper Spiders. Link is below and should be there for the next ten days; we’re on for an hour about 41 minutes in.

Thanks as always to the producers and technical support staff that have enabled me to stay on the air while Glasgow remains in lockdown; hopefully we’ll see each other again soon one day if and when we ever progress past the dystopian nightmare part of the year! And thanks to the readers, publicists and commenters who have pushed the annual readership to the highest level yet. Cheers!



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    • Yup, until they can learn to leave reasonable comments, that’s the tough love they’ll need. If you look at how fair and measured my comments are, there’s a very high bar, but they’ll just need to try harder…

        • If not better. But it is hard for me to match wits with unarmed opponents. What kind of comment is ‘oh’? You can see what I have to deal with.

            • He could have learned from the master ie you. Now I’ll probably just have no alternative but to have them destroyed.

                  • Well I’ll be sad, I’m quite fond of M.DeGaul, an original member of the WP4. The WP3 doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sigh. Never mind. Whilst I’m here, the Amazon/MGM merger is quite interesting isn’t it? I can’t help wondering who actually gets the 9 million dollars, does it go to a board of directors or something? I don’t suppose it goes to any of the movie makers.

                    • Nope. Shareholders and owners of MGM get the cash, none of it goes to movies. But Amazon may well have the extra dosh to revive some franchises, we’ll see.

                      Hopefully Alex will see the error of his ways and return to the fold a chastened, repentant man, if that’s the right word. Not replacing him yet, we can only hope that he can learn his lesson.

    • The BBC had previously shown me damning documents relating to Alex, and that was why I agreed to the interview. I now know that the documents were faked, but I’m glad I had the chance to open up about the terrible trauma that Alex has put me through with his demands. And then he comes on my blog today and his comment is “oh’. I offered him the chance to expand, and he chose not to, so it’s a red card and suspension. That’ll teach him. Public humiliation is the only language he’ll understand. Thanks for listening, muchx appreciated!

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