The Film Authority’s 2021 Easter Message

I’ve been back at the BBC, and once again happy to provide a link to radio programme The Afternoon Show, hosted by Grant Stott and where I’m discussing the new releases over the last hour of the show with the redoubtable Amber Wilkinson. We’re talking this week’s big releases, Minari, The Mauritanian, and Chaos Walking, and the show is online for the next month. Link below.

In other news, once again, and with heavy heart, I have to turn my attention to the poor behaviour of those who infest my comments board, and remind all concerned that this is a serious film blog, and not a place to discuss bath-time activities or to try and sell their clothes. There’s a small minority of people who seem to take great delight in de-railing the erudite, incisive discussion of film and television that I’ve been encouraging, and these people should be ashamed of themselves.

As a consquence, there have been a small number of complaints that my own behaviour has not been acceptable, and that I myself have somehow set a bad example by using inappropriate or aggressive language when dealing with commenters on my blog. I confess that sometimes my choice of words has not always matched up to the high standards that I would like. I realise that phrases like “Suck it monkeys,’ and ‘Up yours, baldy’ run the risk being taken out of context and misunderstood, and if there has been any genuine misunderstanding or hurt, I am truly sorry.

I have, however, taken firm action and responded by starting a full independent investigation into myself and my conduct, and I’m delighted to say that it has found my behaviour to be appropriate and proportionate at all times. I now consider this matter to be closed, and we can all move on with our lives and put it behind us.

Have a happy Easter, one and all.


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  1. Glad to see you’re evolving beyond “up yours baldy.” After all, not all of your readers are follically privileged. Uh, not that I’m sensitive about such things, because why would I be? I have the hair of a stallion. An undernourished stallion, but a stallion nevertheless.

  2. Ahhhh, classic Ol’10. I remember the days of yesteryear when you had 2 comments and one and a half of them were yours. And look at your now, all growed up so big and comment’y!

    Psychic Grandma would cry into her ghost hankee, she’s so proud of her little blue bottomed, lucky charms eating boy.

    • I’d recommend Hindi gangster drama Gangs of Wasseypur; don’t let the fact that it’s 320 minutes long, if you can find it, it’s compelling stuff….I’m not a Bollywood expert, but there’s good stuff in every genre. But Italian horror is a way of life, it’ll pull you back in….

      • I’ve done a bit of time with punjabi and bengali sweeties and learned a bunch about folks named Kahn and Roshan. I dig their “item numbers”. I’m ready to invest. Thank you, sir!

  3. “this is a serious film blog, and not a place to discuss bath-time activities”. that conversation (if you can call it that) was MY bliddy blog. I now know the bathing preferences of most of my regular sensible commentators so thanks for that! Pfft.

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