Leprechauns Vs Critters


‘…this is a solid re-invention of the two franchises, with notably good kills…’

A key film in the ongoing franchises for both the Leprechaun AND the Critters, this is a welcome mix-up/match-up between the evil Irish troll and the furry, many-toothed space aliens. Presumably made to extend copyright, this lo-fi production is interesting to cineastes for the imaginative way it moves both cinematic universes into fresh pastures, an auspicious debut for writer/director Flori Salop, who carried off the prestigious Thin Goat of Thessalonica shortly after the film’s premiere, only to be made to put it back by authorities several hours later.

A pre-Star Wars Domhnall Gleeson dons the hat, shint shoes, buckles and distinctive green garb of the Leprechaun, here revived from ashes by an act of public urination by a passing stranger (Ice-T). The Lep returns to his natural home, only to find that it’s infested by Critters (played by Critters). A turf war breaks out, and the Critters reach out for help, in a post-modern twist, to famous actors whose careers they have helped, namely Leonardo DiCaprio, who appears somewhat uneasy about his fleeting cameo here. Jennifer Aniston also makes a welcome return to the Leprechaun franchise as Tory Reding, not seen since the original movie. With battle-lines drawn, who will survive the struggle between Leprechauns and Critters?

Salop’s film doubles down on genre lore, demanding expecting and anticipating complete familiarity with both the Leprechaun and Critters cinematic universes. An unwise attempt at world-building sees a sub-plot involving four wordpress users on a European boat trip scouting locations for Michael Caine movies, a post-modern touch with adds little in terms of atmosphere or coherence. A brief appearance by iconic French/Canadian horror film guru Alex Good helps to up the horror factor, and his staring, unblinking eyes will give impressionable audiences nightmares for some time to come.

French/Canadian film critic Alex Good

Did we need another Leprechaun movie? Did we need to hear from the Critters again? While critics might carp, this is a solid re-invention of the two franchises, with notably good kills including a grisly death by wordpress editor. It might not be the movie we want right now, but it’ll have to do; if you only see one imaginary film this year, make sure it’s Leprechauns vs Critters.

Thanks to Four Seasons Total Film-making for access to this film. Link Below.



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  1. You know, I’ve never seen a Leprechaun movie. And I’ve never even heard of the Critters series. This isn’t going to get my commenting privileges revoked, right?

    • While we greatly appreciate your honesty, this does mean an automatic ban while we review your case.

      In all honesty, if one person watches a leprechaun or critters movie as a result of my writing, I’ve failed. They are all utter rubbish. Unfortunately there seems to be a gap in the market for a forum to discuss them, and somehow the responsibility has landed on me. It seems to press the buttons on a certain sub-culture of humanity.

    • Spoiler alert; was saving that scene as a surprise! Glad to hear others admiring this groundbreaking film!

  2. I for one will be boycotting this movie. If there’s no scene where the WP4 kidnap moon people, then it’s all a pack of lies.

    Other than that, sounds like you have a real winner on your hands!

    • Your lucky day! And there’s a trailer for Leprechaun Vs Critters 2: Requiem which looks every bit as good.

      • It’s just a shame that the roll-out for this one is being overshadowed by tripe like Kong vs. Godzilla. It’s so hard for good movies to get media oxygen. Good to see you’re standing up for the indies and not buying into the blockbuster hype.

        • I’ll get around to Kong, but this one is much more of a fan favourite. Great shot of Patrick Dempsey as Paul Rudd, really immerses himself in that part. Surprised you haven’t reviewed this, Ridley Scott talking about a nine film backstory triple-trilogy to explain all this…

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