The Film Authority Speaks Once More…

…more radio ramblings…

Apologies for not posting this earlier, but I’ve tried to make a habit of posting up my BBC radio work as well as written stuff, and here’s the link to the new batch of audio reviews.

On Prime, Owen Wilson and Selma Hayek strike sparks in Bliss, on Netflix, Zendaya and John David Washington strike sparks in Malcolm and Marie, and on Curzon, Sam Neil and some nice sheep appear in comedy Rams.

All of the above are reviewed from about 90 minutes into The Afternoon Show, where I was talking with presenter Grant Stott and fellow-critic Raisah Ahmed. The result is on the BBC website for the next two weeks, certified fresh for serious amounts of ironing or domestic chores.

(I also did the Golden Globes for Good Morning Scotland the day before, but since these were predictions rather than an assessment of the results, I’ll leave that unblogged; guessing the Golden Globes is as precise a science as guessing your weight in jellybeans.)

Thanks as always to regular readers and commenters. I value all comments, and was obviously not speaking literally when I offered to smash teeth in, use skulls as goblets, or burn down the houses of those who have thought differently to me.These comments simply do not represent who I am in 2021.

In these politically charged times, I will be making an effort not to use such incendiary language in future, but please rest assured that these threatening undercurrents are still very much close to my intentions and my heart.

There remains a small minority of self-styled rabble-rousers who do not know how to behave on a quality film blog, and these people will continue to be shamed; the innocent will be punished, the guilty rewarded!



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