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It’s 2021, and the future is so bright, you’ll have to wear shades. There’s tonnes of exciting stuff coming down the pike right now, much of it embargoed until the week of release. The blockbuster is back, and we’ll be looking at the latest from Pixar, animated feature Soul, and the latest from DC/Warner Brothers in the form of Wonder Woman 1984, which streams in the UK from January. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the vintage classics of Marlene Dietrich via some blu-ray re-issues from the BFI, plus another look at horror classic Masque of the Red Death which also re-emerges on blu-ray this month. And the awards season finally hits top gear with Nomadland, Carey Mulligan in controversial drama Promising Young Woman, plus Steve Carell in Jon Stewart’s political satire Irresistible, plus Emily Blunt, Chris Walken and Jamie Dornan in John Patrick Shanley’s comedy romance Wild Mountain Thyme. And we’ll undoubtedly be looking at some quirky classics from the past including British horror Village of the Damned, plus scuzzy 80’s action classic Night of the Juggler. Join us, after all, what do you have to lose?




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    • Utterly. Rethink with joined up thinking from the group up. Renegotiate all recoup. Scale back. Fire sales. Yikes.

  1. Hmmm, well, good to know what’s coming down the road then. I was not a big fan at all of the WonderWoman movie, so this new one is pretty much off my radar. And with both Cavill and Affleck out of the DCverse, that universe is pretty much shot to heck. WW might be a mighty amazon, but not even she alone can save a movie franchise 🙁

  2. Both Wild Mountain and Wonder Woman have been ripped to pieces by most reviews I’ve read, especially WW1984 which is a shame as I’m looking forward to seeing them. Hoping it’s not all as bad as said. Will look forward to your take on them.

    • I will be VERY interested to hear what you think of Wild Mountain….out in the UK this week…

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