The KLF Return 2021


‘…an unheralded cultural event of epoch-splitting proportions…’

This is primarily a blog about cinema, film and tv, so if we’re going to send you down a musical rabbit-hole, it better be in service of something monumental. It’s 2021, and the return of the KLF to our depleted world is an unheralded cultural event of epoch-splitting proportions. I’ll leave it to others to document the rise and disappearance of one of the UK’s most striking, avant-garde dance-music sensations, but viewed from the pandemic trenches, this is truly something worth raising your pulse for.

Founding-members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty’s band were enigmatic purveyors of the most propulsive of dance music; single tracks like 3am Eternal and What Time Is Love topped the charts, and filled floors in nightclubs. But there was no album to be promoted, unless you count the luxurious The White Room, an ambient soundscape which contained only the vaguest vestiges of the same sounds remixed. The KLF reportedly burned the money they made, and their idea of utilising awards recognition was to fire a dead sheep at the BRIT awards venue. Their music and their videos were deliberately made unavailable, they took their ball and their vibe with them, and now, three decades later, they’re back.

Of course, YouTube and Spotify weren’t even imagined at the time, but if 2021’s lack of organised parties and death of festivities are getting you down, multiple doses of the KLF’s hard-rocking f**k-off sound should raise your immunity to the current death and destruction around us. With hugely expensive, silent movie inspired videos, there’s plenty to enjoy here visually; their final coup de grace was a duet with the great Tammy Wynette on Justified and Ancient, showcased below, although it’s also great to hear their riff on the Dr Who Theme, accompanied by some non-BBC affiliated Daleks and a cool customised 5-0 car.

The KLF broke the mould of music, and left a hole through which absolutely no-one followed by driving their own coach and horses through. Others lusted after fame and money, but the KLF courted notoriety, and immortality, and their absence has been noted by fans for years. With no clubs, raves or even sitting in cafes possible in the foreseeable future, it’s time to kick out the jams, make mine a 99, and starting fishing in the rivers of life. 2021 is better than 2020 already, and we’re only one day in…bring the beat back!




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  1. Never knew anything about KLF except they burned money. But don’t all bands do that? And they set a trend for acronyms for band names. OMD etc. Were they responsible for OMG and LOL?

    • Very funny. This review is clearly for modern hipsters and cool-seekers like myself…..Kopyright Liberation Front is what I got when I googled it.

  2. Oh, the memories! I’ve often wondered if The KLF were big fans of The Deerhunter with their famous line, “THIS is what the KLF is about”? 🙄

    • THIS IS THIS! They pulled lines from all over, but there was something cinematic about their sound…

  3. Yes! I’m a KLF been, here. I enjoyed the plethora of abundant energy skiing from these guys, especially on 3AM. I always wondered where the term came from with the Eminem song and Three Doors Down. Or did it come from KLF? 🧐

  4. I don’t even know what KLF stands for.

    *does a quick internet search*

    Guess nobody else does either. Oh well, I like to think you’re listening to such modish stuff in that quaint Scottish village you live in, which only appears once every 100 years . . .

  5. I watched the Dr Who video. considering I couldn’t make out a single distinct word besides “Dr Who” I consider it a failure. And the dalek with the little feet? just shameful…

    • Its not your classic Skaro Dalek, to be sure. I liked the multi-coloured ones, or just the classic black and grey. Dance music isn’t really about the words….

      • Everything is about “The Words”. Anything else just a heresy put out by communists. Comrade, you aren’t a communist, are you?
        * stares fiercely at you *

        • I’ve spent time with Lenin, if that’s what you’re implying…not a crime, is it? For me to be a guest of the Kremlin? Are you still interested in these voting machine wiring plans?

          • It IS a crime. Against the United People of America, where KorectThot is paramount. And since we claim Sovereignty, errr, I mean, First Place Among Equals, then everyone has to do what we say. Or else.
            (or else we won’t drink your coffee and negatively affect your gdp. What a threat, eh?)

            And yes, I’m still interested. There’s always the next “election” to think about 😉

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