The Film Authority Speaks (and appears…)

So I probably wouldn’t have decided to stay up and watch the US election if I’d known it meant staying awake for an endless five weeks, but now that we’re finally done and dusted, I’m left to reflect on one of 2020’s cultural trends; Skype, Zoom and Facetime news contributions that reveal dishevelled journalists and their strange home/lifestyle/decoration choices. I feel like I’ve spend more time considering the drab interiors of MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire’s house than he has, and I’ll be glad when everyone can get back to the studio and I can stop looking at their oven-hobs, bookshelves and other domestic arrangements.

I made my own small contribution to these stakes by broadcasting for BBC Scotland’s news programme The Nine on Thursday night, as close as Scotland gets to a Saturday Night Live-style show, except rather than Live from New York, we’re Live from Blanefield, Scotland. The topic is that hardy perennial, ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?’, and my Dickensian co-contributor in the Santa hat is the legendary scene-stealer Ian Hoey.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and enjoy!


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    • It’s hard to believe that the algorhyms think he’s spamming, but maybe I should have guessed that revealing my appearance, however briefly, would break the internet and lead to 100 plus comments in less than 12 hours….

  1. Wow, comment crew is lit up! Let’s see, there’s tinsel, family dysfunction, yelling, blood, seasonal music, a wife named Holly, presents exchanged, drinking and toasts, someone says ho, ho, ho (with a machine gun)… Yep, it reminds me of holidays I’ve personally experienced…chuckle

    • I would have cheerfully argued it the other way around if required. But I’m keen to stop labeling films, Die Hard is not just for Christmas, it’s for all the year round!

  2. My goodness, I go on a walk and the whole post just blows up. I wondered how you’d gotten up to over 80 comments in just a matter of 2hrs.

    That’ll teach me to underestimate the true enmity between a Master of Ironing and Darth Fraggleus.

  3. Well I’ve seen the twitter clip now, and thought you looked very nice in the santa suit, somewhat younger than I’d expected, and smaller, but quite sweet. That other guy, the one that looks a bit like Jack Lemon, doesn’t know what he’s on about!

  4. It would appear that my original comment disappeared into the nethersphere of the internet. Which is too bad, because I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Die Hard IS a Christmas movie. Oh well, moving on….

    I have to admit, I was disappointed not to see you in at least a blindingly white suit. Oh well, when Psychic Grandma throws ovens around in your car, I guess keeping a low profile is for the best.

  5. Awwww, no hair helmet, tinted glasses or a white suit? I’m almost disappointed. But this subject is a great one and I for one am not afraid to weigh in without having heard anything else.

    It’s not Christmas until Hans falls from Nakatomi Towers:

    Then, for my piece de la resistance, where I completely clinch the argument:
    It’s on a Mug, on Amazon. That makes it official. It is as Christmas’y as Santa Clause and the 3 Wisemen.

    I like your point about the tv version vs the actual version. I’d watched the tv version several times before I became aware of all the stuff that had been cutout. I’d probably pay for a tv version to be honest. Too bad that’s not possible.

    • I think the multiple links triggered some defence mechanism which put this highly valued comment in the sin bin.

      If I could have appeared as Michael caine in 1972, I would have done so.

      Why do we have to label movies as being Christmas or not? Die Hard is not just for Xmas, it’s fot all the year round…

  6. Well I clicked on the link and it says ‘Sorry, this episode is not available’ so obviously you did/said something unwatchable or your wallpaper and bookshelves are not suitable for family viewing.

    Regarding the question of Die Hard being a christmas movie, well silly question really, it takes place on CHRISTMAS EVE!! Duh! Now I think about it no wonder they took the episode down.

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