The Film Authority Speaks!


in which…The Film Authority Speaks, again!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… While not much is happening while we naviagate a tiered lockdown system in the UK, there’s lots of activity to speak of online. After starting to blog in earnest last summer with Rocketman, things have grown incrementally. The WordPress stats board tells me this blog will hit 100,000 viewers next month, but more importantly, there’s been over 5000 comments in 2020 alone. It’s been a real pleasure to discuss movies, ironing and all kinds of other subjects with the wonderful people of WP and beyond, thank you all so much for your interest!

I was back on the BBC’s Afternoon Show to discuss Mank, Citizen Kane and Crock of Gold last week, there’s a link below if you feel inclined to have a listen. Again, thanks to presenter Grant Stott, fellow critic Catrina Rose, and show producer Ian Boffey, who is about to retire and will be sorely missed

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re previewing our documentary feature film It’s Not All Rock & Roll on Vimeo as we wait for cinemas to re-open; we’ve had screening after screening postponed, but keen to get the film in front of the public. It’s not geoblocked, so you should finally be able to see this, wherever you are! And I will personally give you back your £4 if you don’t like it!

Stay safe!



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  1. Man, you got all kinds of neat stuff going on here! 🧐 I’m listening to the radio program. I’m excited for you.

    • That’s how I roll! Or not, but it’s good just to be able to keep working while many can’t do the same…

  2. Nice interview! Your comments got me excited about Mank. I’ve only seen Citizen Kane once, back in my twenties, and it was over my head. I didn’t know anything about WRH or Old Hollywood then. I know a lot more know 😉 Excited to revisit Kane and see Mank for the first time. I completely agree that it’s a shame we won’t be able to see it for the first time on the big screen. The lack of access to movie theaters and libraries is what irks me most about the pandemic! My local theater shut down permanently 🙁 Before covid, I saw the new Little Women movie 4 times in that theater. I kept telling myself I was sort of crazy to keep seeing it. But now that I’ll never see another movie in that place again, I’m glad I did.

    • Little Women was great, and repeated viewings are ideal for a clever film like that; takes guts to re-arrange that narrative! Reading some buyers remorse from people not really into Mank, so hope you enjoy it as I did!

  3. Is “Rocketman” your hosting provider, or a real person’s online name who does background stuff?

    And despite my comment below, congrats on those big numbers. That is awesome that you’ve got so many comments. Since I’m a big comment fan, I just say “bravo!”. Way to foster a place where everything from the serious to the outlandishly silly can fit in side by side.

    Thanks for putting up another podcast. It’s fun to listen to. I do admit, I have to pay a bit more attention, as the accents make the words seem just that tiny bit off.

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