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Porky’s II: The Next Day

No Award

‘…an utterly rotten film, and one to be avoided unless you have the lowest of low standards about what you watch…’

So I’ve got my Porky’s the wrong way round, which is every bit as painful as it sounds. When I invested 50p in the first two films in the franchise, I was really only interested in the sequel. Bob Clark was quite a prolific and successful director at the time, and seemed to be slumming it with the juvenile antics of Porky’s. But the rumour was that he tried to reset the balance with the sequel, which doesn’t feature Porky or his swampy establishments. Instead, Porky’s II goes off in a different, more respectable direction, covering Shakespeare and the Klu Klux Klan, and the result was a decided turn-off for prank-hungry audiences. But will hindsight reveal a neglected classic?

To quote one of my regular commentators; nope. Porky’s II is a very odd film in that Clark’s trawl through his own coming-of-age experiences seems to run out of gas rather abruptly here. We still have Pee Wee and his gang, and they’re still playing pranks, like slipping a live snake into the toilet bowl of their gym-teacher, but they don’t have the impact of the first film’s gym-obsessed antics. Instead, the characters are absorbed in productions of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, leading to an endless stream of homo-phobic puns about fairies. Their school production is shut down by local authority figures, so the boys take their revenge by humiliating them by their own hypocrisy.

Despite some truly crude and awful scenes, Porky’s II seems to be aiming for some kind of political correctness; the restless sexual energy of the boys seems secondary to their desire to point out and remedy social issues in their community, and it’s a terrible fit for the franchise. A sordid scene in a graveyard, in which one of the boys thinks he’s accidentally killed a prostitute, is played for laughs in an utterly unacceptable way, and this is the kind of scene which earns the un-coveted NO AWARD rating easily.

Porky’s Revenge followed, and went back to the original format by bringing the boys into conflict with Porky himself, but the audience had grown up and moved on by then. This washed-up sequel brings back some of the original talent, but lacks the energy and giddiness of the first film, leaving performers and audiences with nothing to go on in terms of laughs or pathos. It’s an utterly rotten film, and one to be avoided unless you have the lowest of low standards about what you watch. I won’t be going any further with my analysis of the Porky’s franchise; no Kim Cattrall, no thanks.


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  1. Memories, both for Porky’s and II: I am in line with my date . . . and there’s underage teen couples in front of us, both times. And they wouldn’t sell them tickets. And we just said: “They’re with us.” (An unofficial “double date,” if you will.)

    And I am sure they “cringe” now, as well, as they think back on the movie. As do I, as well.

    • It’s a cringe, but the first film at least as a freshness about it. Astonishing how popular it was…

    • Oh, I hadn’t even thought about Revenge of the Nerds, a huge franchise back in the day, but a cringe for sure by today’s standards!

    • We share an interst in the arcane, but Porky’s 2 did my head in and is best missed. I could see merit in the first one that simply isn’t here in this film; as one of the other commenters said, it’s a cringe.

  2. I have to admit, I am rather surprised you even tried this franchise out. Was this a case of “I don’t believe other reviews and have to make up my own mind”? Or was it something more twisted and dark? Like canadian bacon?

    • No, it was just a mistake on my part. I’m interested in looking at films shunned elsewhere, for a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately, in this instance, what I found was pure excrement. I’d wondered about the Shakespearean angle, but no, it’s rubbish.

              • Ahhh, I see your problem. You need a “sterile” Nature. None of this “natural” Nature hogwash.
                Hire a couple of Naturists and I’m sure they can scare off all of the other animals in no time!

                • That is the plan! Scare off the tourists! And I’d have got away with it if it wasn’t for pesky kids getting in the way!

                  • Darn kids! First Porky’s, then Scoobie, what’s next? Is NOTHING sacred anymore?
                    Back in my day kids behaved all the time and were respectful and did everything they were told AND ate their vegetables at dinner.

                    I’m worried about this current crop….

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