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It’s Friday, and time to look forward to some of the exciting reviews coming down the pike! Next week, I’ll be looking at the 30th anniversary re-issue of Total Recall, and the BFI’s re-issue of classic BBC Play for Today dramas, plus Jermaine Clement in Patrick. And I’ll be doing a couple of request reviews of Coyote Ugly and Edge of Tomorrow, so lots to look forward to. And of course, I’ll be continuing my deep dive into the cinema of Chevy Chase with a review of Nothing But Trouble.

It has come to my notice that there are members of the WordPress community, and you know who you are, who do not take seriously my appreciation for Chevy Chase, and seem to think that my considered analysis of his films are an opportunity for causing hilarity in the comments section. Last week, I had to admonish a regular commenter for actually assailing passing visitors to my blog for openly discussing the work of the Chase-ter in a positive manner.

I want to make it clear that I have a strict zero tolerance for negative comments about Chevy Chase on this blog, and appeal to everyone to keep calm when I post my review. Please resist the temptation to belittle Chevy, myself, or those commenting on his many and varied films, and his famously nonchalant style of acting. With cool heads and understanding, we can all get through this together.



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    • Coyote Ugly is rapidly becoming the most anticipated film ever in this blog! Watch this space for further developments!

  1. Chase is definitely a case where you have to separate the man from the art. His heyday was long before I was born, but I do admire his technical skills as a comedian. None of that defends his behavior off-camera, but I don’t necessarily think that taints his work.

    • Thank you! I’ve reviewed Chevy Chase films because he was, and is, a funny comic, and that’s my opinion. I’m probably not up to date with his off-screen persona, and I gather his name seems to rile people, but he made a number of funny films…

  2. Let’s get the elephant in the room addressed first, then I can comment for real:
    Edge of Tomorrow is going to be awesome!!!! I’ll save the rest of my scintillating conversation and controversial take for the post itself.

    Now, with that out of the way…

    I would like to say that I have NEVER gone after anyone in the comments who loved Chevy Chase who had not first commented on my own erudite, educated and generally applauded by those with taste, comment about the Chasester. If someone leaves a comment on my comment, I do consider them as having entered into the Bookstoogezone, something akin to the Twilight Zone, but 10000000 times better. I have a strict policy about comments as evidenced by this post (feel free to remove the link if it too self-promoting):

    However, in the spirit of bonhomie, chocolates, anchovies and castor oil, I will be more circumspect in my responses to others on this most excellent blog. But as for you, Ol’ 10 (a certain Dark Mistress of Ironing and I have decided that’s your new nickname by the way), there shall only be Eternal War between our Houses in regards to the Chasester. In keeping with this, I shall no longer refer to the Chasester, but shall use the Code Word “Rapscallion”. Should a time ever arise when I actually need to use the word Rapscallion on your blog, I will contact Demi Moore to broker a temporary cease-fire in our Eternal War so as to reduce the confusion about the use of the word Rapscallion. Please let me know if further additions to this are needed. We here at Bookstooge Incorporated aim to please.

    Has it really been 40 years for Total Recall? Aye yi yi. I’d like to watch the reboot sometime, but Amazon is being cheap and won’t put in on prime for free. at least, not yet. They did for the robocop reboot, so I have hope.

    • It’s 30 years for Total Recall, and I’d skip the reboot, it’s about as good as the Robocop one ie not good at all.

      It’s going to blow your mind that Nothing but Trouble features Chevy Chase and Demi Moore. How’d you like them apples? Or potatoes? I’m always one just ahead, just like Psychic Grandma taught me! You can’t knock a Demi Moore movie, even if the Chase is in it. And he’s no rapscallion, just and urbane, witty fellow, much like myself.

      So wait, I’m 10, like a Bo Derek movie?

      • Whew, for a second I thought I’d lost 10 years of my life somehow. I was extremely disappointed with the Robocop reboot, so if you say the same about TR, then I can keep on waiting. No need to rush into a bad movie.

        Demi Moore AND Rapscallion? I’m doomed. I’ll bet Psychic Grandma put them up to it just to do this to me. That would be just like her.

        Sorry, you are “Ol’ 10”. Think wrinkly, phlegmy and arthritic. I “think” that is what we were aiming for anyway. If you look like Bo Derek, your voice is completely wrong!

        • This sounds like collusion between you and fraggle. Maybe there’s a future for you as Chevy Chase deniers, but those like myself who enjoy the latest hip comedy stylings will savior my review. And looking like Bo Derek is something I’m sensitive about, the kids at school were so cruel to me. Was at a party with the real Bo Derek in 2016, she still looks good! And SO DO I!

  3. Oh good grief. As if Chevy Chase isn’t bad enough, you have to go and throw in John Candy too. Yuckety yuck 🤢 and I don’t care if I’m on the naughty step one bit. Looking forward to Total Recall and Coyote Ugly though so there’s that. 🤣

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