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Got plenty of ironing to do? Kick back and enjoy a run-down of the week’s new releases in the UK; this is a recording on Thursday’s Afternoon Show on BBC Scotland during which I’m joined by film expert Gail Tolley to chat to presenter Grant Stott about new releases Mogul Mowgli and Shirley, plus a look back at The Shining. I’ve been lucky enough to be on this show for nearly two decades, and it’s always a pleasure to get to air my views. The whole show is good, but we’re on for the second hour and the link below may not work in all territories; I’ll delete this post when the link comes down in 28 days.  Enjoy! What have you got to lose?




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  1. The X-Files theme WAS a great song. However, I DO fear the reaper. That son of a gun never de-rusts his scythe. You get a nick from sucker and bam, tetanus for sure!

    Ahhh, now I understand the whole “I don’t live in England” comment. See, the whole island is “England” to us Americans. Have to remember that’s not the case. I really only care about this because I just dealt with this exact same issue with another blogger who sharply reminded me that she “moved” to England even while “living” in the UK. I can learn, honest.

    Man, now I’m going to be reading all your posts in your voice. You have no one but yourself to blame. This is why I want to be God Emperor of Mars. Then I’ll be SO famous that everyone will just accept me as “me” instead of focusing on specific things.

    I like the music from the movie clips they played. Those violins are nice and sharp!

    so, you don’t know the modern rap scene but you’re up on Belgium Boom-Rave? That seems like saying you love chips (your kind, not my kind) but don’t anything about ketchup! I’m suspicious.

    That was quite an interesting “listen”. I have to admit it showcases why I don’t do podcasts though. I can read much faster than I can listen and I can’t concentrate on listening if I try to multi-task. It was cool to hear your voice though.

    • That’s very kind. I’ve been encouraged to go down the pod-cast route, so I’m flying last week’s show as a balloon to see what kind of people it might attract. People like you. And yes, I try and write in the same voice in which I speak, if that makes any sense. No point in trying to be something else. And maybe I know my Wu Tang from my DMX, but I thought it better to play my rap knowledge down to avoid causing too much interest from the general population. Now you have an insight into Bonnie Scotland, thanks for listening!

      • The podcast kind of people are a very different group. There’s obvious overlap between them and bloggers, but I think each camp has their hardcore users & enthusiasts.

        I can say, and this is NOT meant as some childish threat, that if you do down the podcast route exclusively, I’ll definitely be cutting back on my following. In terms of audience size though, I suspect you’d get more of everything through a podcast. I’d be sad to see you go away from blogging, but a job’s a job 😀

        The only reason I’ve even heard of Wu Tang is because of our political season at the moment. There are little signs EVERYWHERE with candidates names and I saw in one yard they had a sign for “Wu Tang is Forever”. I thought he was a candidate to be honest, hahahahaa. Now I know though.

        • Rest assured, the written word is where I’m at. No plans to migrate my interests. Might set up a YouTube channel for a weekly spoken word round up, but I wouldn’t want to desert my friends on here. They are the best, and you are a big part of that. How else would you know about the Wu Tang Clan?

          • Thank goodness! You had me worried. And I don’t mind if you have other podcast friends, I won’t judge.

            What would I do without you? If I’d voted for Wu Tang for President in the write in section, I imagine the whole town would be laughing at me.

            • That’s the thing about elections, they funnel you towards the obvious candidate, but you can vote for anyone you like. I’m voting for Smashmouth.

              • Smashmouth for Queen? I didn’t realize “Queen” was an elected position? If so, I guess Lizzie is WAY more popular than I realized. It would certainly explain why Charles hasn’t cut it though.

                • The line of succession runs from Freddie Mercury via George Michael to Adam Lambert, each one voted for by the British people, that’s how democracy works…

                  • wow, I really don’t understand the royal succession at all. Good thing I don’t live there then. I’d probably end up voting for someone like Benedict Cumberbatch…

                    • He is our prime minister, took over from John Hurt, was originally William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton; regenerates every four years…

                    • man, and I thought WE had it bad. I really feel sorry for you all. I’m guessing Tennant didn’t get a time to shine in the limelight? Didn’t toe the party line or something?

                    • I started with the reboot and Mr Big Ears, liked Tennant, then stopped with Smith when it became the Amy Show instead of the Dr Show.
                      Then I went backwards and watched what our local library had. I LIKED Hartnell, even if the stories were a big rougher than I was used to. However, I also liked Baker’s style. His scarf was awesome and almost a character on it’s own imo.

                    • I grew up late Pertwee, early Baker, which I reckon was the best era for writing, and I was wowed by the single Eccleston series. Not a strict Whovian, although do speak the lingo when required…

  2. You’re on at the 1 hour 40 minute mark. Right after Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. Nice walkout music.

    I’m just enjoying the accents. BBC Radioo Scootland.

      • Ah, I love the accents. For some reason it’s the way Americans think Canadians sound (aboot, aroound). I can’t hear it, but maybe that’s because I’m used to it. Do you have a post coming up on Sir Sean?

        • In general, I don’t do obituaries for the blog, but I’ll probably dust off a couple of the best films from Connery over the next week, The Offence is probably his best in my book…

          • Haven’t seen that one. Been writing up notes on his Bond flicks this past week. I remember really liking him in Robin and Marian but it’s been decades since I’ve seen it.

            • Yes, have a DVD of Robin and Marian, it’s a strange little film, but Connery is good in it. Man Who Would Be King is one of his best too, ran into Connery and Michael Caine in the Clerk Street Edinburgh after a revival screening once..

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