Aquaman 2018 ****

Not much about Aquaman suggested anything good; springing from an appearance with the Justice League in a truly awful film that didn’t inspire confidence. But director James Wan seems to have swagger to burn, and builds a spectacularly goofy and enjoyable romp around the happiest of centres in Jason Momoa. As Arthur Curry, he serves up an endearing performance that feels honest and camp at the same time, right from an outrageous ‘Permission to come onboard!’ introduction that, to coin a phrase used elsewhere, the gayest man on earth might think was over-the-top. A game Nicole Kidman shows just the right kind of style for this in a lengthy prologue about Aquaman’s origins, and the various adventures seem far from the conventional Marvel template. The visuals look like a Meatloaf album cover brought to life, and perennial MVP Willem Dafoe does his usual inimitable job as Aquaman’s mentor. Throw in Dolph Lundgren for giggles and your brainless Saturday night is set; this is a very silly film, but it restores the genre to it’s 1930’s Saturday-morning serial heyday with brisk storytelling and shafts of wit.


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