Train to Busan 2016 ***

A zombie movie with a twist, with Yeon Sanh-ho directing a brisk and original thriller that takes the conventional horror elements and delights on putting them on a train. A diverse group of characters board a train in Seoul, heading for Busan, but one of the passengers carries a bit mark. Soon, an epidemic is spreading through the compartments, and a father and daughter relationship is tested as the zombie onslaught catches up with the unwary passengers. Train to Busan features fast-moving zombies in the fashion of World War Z, and there’s genuine tension is some of the race and chase scenes. Moments like a brief stop at an empty railway platform have a genuinely nightmarish quality; Hollywood might do this kind of thing bigger, but Train to Busan delivers on its simple premise. Train to Busan 2 is, not surprisingly, on the way.


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