All The Money in The World 2017 ****

It feels like Ridley Scott’s take on the John Paul Getty kidnapping has never been mentioned without a comment on Kevin Spacey and his replacement with Christopher Plummer after the initial shoot was completed. That’s a pity, because the central focus of a film should not be about an actor who doesn’t appear. Plummer does such a good job as Getty, a billionaire who lives so frugally that he washes his own socks in the sink of his hotel room, that no explanation is required for his casting. Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg are both solid as the kidnapped boy’s mother and the security guard who helps her get her boy back, but it’s a director’s film. Scott conjures up Italy in the 1970’s with great style, and there’s several tense sequences that have just the right Poliziotteschi feel. It’s a real shame that All the Money In the World ended up turning audiences off due to marketing disasters; it’s Scott’s best film in 20 years.



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