Mile 22 2018 ****

Mark Wahlberg is a kick-ass action hero, and working with director Peter Berg, he follows up on the true-stories of Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day with a fictional account of secret-agent action that’s packed with action. After an explosive intro, the first section of the film establishes CIA operative James Silva (Wahlberg) as the go-to guy for solving tricky situations. That kind of problem comes in the form of asset Lee Noor (Iko Uwais from The Raid), who may or may not be a double-agent, but need extracted from a unnamed Asian city. From about forty minutes in, Mile 22 hits a high gear, quite literally delivering an all action scenario for the final hour as Silva and Noor tear up the streets, motorway and cafes against a seemingly endless supply of villains. The action is graphic, including drone strikes and a gruesome neck-slitting using the shattered glass of a car door. If you like explosions, tough-guy attitude and spy-driven mayhem, Mile 22 goes the extra mile to satisfy.



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