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The History of Time Travel 2014 ***

Another curiosity on the Amazon prime channel, writer and director Ricky Kennedy’s sci-fi drama is ideally suited to streaming. Told largely through archive footage, still photographs and faux interviews, it’s an educational mockumentary about time travel that takes place in the past tense; we’re considering the work of time-travelling pioneers, and looking into why they were successful. Kennedy posits some dark ideas, mainly to do with family illness and tragedy, as motivation for the actions of the maverick scientists involved here, princpally Dr Edward Yardborough (Trey Cartwright). The budget isn’t there for a big pay-off, but if you can handle your sci-fi in the form of pure ideas, The History of Time Travel has some mind-blowing twists and turns to enjoy.


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  1. I came across this movie one night and wound up watching it 3 times through so I could be sure to catch all the changes.

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