Support The Girls 2018 ****

Andrew Bujalski’s excellent Support The Girls arrives in the UK over a year after a meagre Stateside trickle-out release, by which time presumably anyone interested has seen it long ago. The writer/director of Computer Chess gets up to date in this defiantly human take on the pitfalls of gals making a living in the late 2010’s.  Regina Hall plays Lisa, the manager of Double Whammies, a dive resturant/sports bar where the women wear, but are not defined by, demeaning costumes designed to please their aging patrons.  Lisa has plenty of problems to deal with, but manages to strike up cameraderies which get her through the day. This is a bitter, caustic but also very funny and wise film about how women have to deal with men’s vanities to eke out a living; Lisa is something of a saint to the low-wage workers round about her, but punning title aside, Support The Girls has genuine insight to offer about how women might just about overcome a rigged system in the workplace.


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