Second Act 2018 ***

The trailer for Peter Segal’s comedy drama features Jennifer Lopez being told she’s probably too old to find gainful employment; it’s a detail that seem to run contrary to the impossibly glamorous appearance of the star here.  Maya Vargas (Lopez) is a humble Queens super-market worker who loses her job; when her nephew bigs her Linkedin profile up, Maya gets interviewed for a choice Manhattan job, and her street-smarts impress her boss (Treat Williams). Cue various adventures in marketing as Maya builds and wins a team, invents a new face-cream product, and tries to conceal her lack of academic skills from her bosses. Second Act feels like a sequel to 1988’s Working Girl, mixing you-can-do-it sentiment and a wonderfully airbrushed New York so bracingly clean you could eat your dinner off it. Second Act just about washed its face at the box office, but it’s a ripe slice of cheese, with silly pratfalls for a star who can still carry a film even at such an advanced an elderly age.


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