Monte Carlo or Bust 1969 ***

A sequel of sorts to both Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines and The Great Race, or perhaps more identifiable as a precursor of popular children’s Tv animation Wacky Races, Monte Carlo or Bust is one of those glamorous sixties capers featuring a variety of stars, exotic international locations, dated humour and a few points of genuine interest. Also knows as Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty jalopies, Ken Annakin’s film features Tony Curtis, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Terry Thomas, Eric Sykes, Gert Frobe, Susan Hampshire and Bouvril (from After The Fox) as the competitors in a weird race in which the contestant travel from different corners of the world to Monte Carlo, where the race properly begins. Curtis looks a tad tired as a leading man, but Moore and Cook seem positively invigorated by their satire of British poshness, and their comedy due score plenty of big laughs in this lavish production.


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