John Wick Chapter 3- Parabellum 2019 ****

Keanu Reeves is to the action film what Gene Kelly was to dance; a normal looking guy who can embody the audience’s wish fulfilment while executing the kind of moves that a pro would dream of. The third outing of the John Wick franchise was never going to top the first entry, but there’s no drop off in quality as in the Taken films. Chad Stahelski’s thriller picks up with Wick set against the High Table, the assassins’ guild he previously worked for. A few new friends and foes flesh out the world, notably Anjelica Huston as a Russian ballet-school operative and Halle Berry as a trained-dog assassin. Chapter 3 fairly flies by, with amuse bouche in the form of a few dog-fu, book- fu, knife-fu and horse-fu diversions before a massive knock-down drag-out slugfest in the Hotel Continental for the climax.  The sub-title means ‘prepare for war’ and the John Wick series feels as if it’s still ramping up; as long as the star keeps in shape, there’s no reason this franchise can’t go on for years, and for once, that’s no bad thing. As Reeves crashes his motorcycle onto the hotel steps and announces “I’d like to see the manager…’ it’s clear that the dead-pan grace of the John Wick films is alive and well.


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  1. Halle Barre and Lawrence Fishburne served no real purpose for the movie. If you take their characters out you would have a lean mean Wick movie.

    • Agredd 100 percent. Wasn’t wild about the stuff in the desert either. But it’s not like The Matrix, where the film-makers vision was so radically different from what the audience wanted. I’m prepared to forgive a little world-building in my John Wick universe, even if it’s just showmanship to keep us hungry before the key action scenes arrive. I wasn’t down on Huston’s scenes at all, they didn’t feel like a diversion to me at all.

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