From Corleone to Brooklyn 1979 ****

The presence of genial star Maurizio Merli is always reason enough to watch a film; despite his tragically young age at time of death (49), Merli left behind a selection of ass-kicking Italian police thrillers which are always worth a watch. Working with the great Fernando Di Leo, From Corleone to Brooklyn fuses The Godfather with The Gauntlet as Berni (Merli) a tough cop from Italy escorts a key witness to NYC to testify against a mob boss.  Van Johnson is the New York Lieutenant who is hoping to bring Berni in, and Biagio Pelligra is awesome as an unpredicatble stool-pigeon.

Under Berni’s wing. Di Leo’s plotting is sharp, his selection of background wall-paper is  as visually impeccable as always, and Merli is positivelt radiant at the film’s centre. Immaculately dressed and coiffeired, Merli merrily bitch-slapps his way through the Mafia like a dose of salts; if you’ve never seen this great leading man before, this is one special cop you have to see in action. If you’re new to the world of Poliziotteschi, then this Amazon Prime entry is an ideal introduction


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