The Haunted House of Horror 1969 ***

Michael Armstrong’s 1969 slasher movie offers a lot of alliteration in the title currently used on Amazon Prime; it’s also known as The Dark and Horror House, none of which quite capture the off-kilter feel here. Frankie Avalon is part of an achingly hip group of 60’s thrill-seekers who tire of the drugs and orgies of central London and decide to seek out a haunted house as their next big thrill.  Man About The House star Richard O’Sullivan is amongst them, and it takes a good twenty minutes to get to the house in question. Once there, it’s apparent that a violent maniac is on the loose, and Dennis Price is on hand to launch an investigation. Armstrong’s film was reportedly reworked without his permission, which perhaps explains the abrupt changes of mood and tone, but The Haunted House of Horror is an interesting product of its time. Not particularly Gothic or sinister, it wields the slasher clichés with surprising skill, and has an odd, lurid energy that make it watchable. Certainly, it’s never looked better than this fresh print on Amazon Prime.


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