Nemesis 1992 ***

It’s something of a surprise to discover that there were five films in the Nemesis franchise; director Albert Pyun has a deserved reputation as something of a master of the B movie, so it’s not surprising that he should have milked his own moderate hit. What is surprising is that Nemesis is quite an original and imaginative sci-fi epic. Martial artist Olivier Gruner plays Alex Rain, a cop/cyborg who is proud of the remaining humanity he has to offer.  Chased down and blown apart by a group of terrorists, Alex is rebuilt yet again at the request of his LAPD-boss (Tim Thomerson) and given a new mission, but Alex is really just a pawn in a game…Nemesis has a few striking effects to offer, but it also nails the downbeat, sup-Blade Runner mood, with lots of existential angst (Brion James turns up for an extended cameo too).  A final confrontation with a robotic exoskeleton drives home the point; Nemesis is a more than decent little B movie that looks great in this latest digital iteration.


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