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Murder Mystery 2019 ***

Netflix come up with another ingenuous save from the slush-pile; a rom-com vehicle developed via Charlize Theron and John Madden, probably at some cost, given a quick re-spray to become an Adam Sandler/ Jennifer Aniston tent-pole for the streaming giant.  Presumably the script was inspired by many hoary who-dunnits and husband-wife detective teams as in The Thin Man, and the result plays like something that was old hat in the late 1930’s, yet still works better than most modern structures. Mr and Mrs Spitz (Sandler and Aniston) are taking a vacation when they meet up with a charming viscount (Luke Evans) who invites them to enjoy his family yacht in Monaco. There the Spitz adventure continues when the patriarch (Terence Stamp) is killed before he can change his will, leaving everyone a suspect. The action shifts from the yacht to Monaco and Lake Como,; the exterior filming is lush, the cast, including Gemma Artetron, David Walliams and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson highly recognisable, and despite some groaners, there are real flashes of wit in the deconstruction of mystery conventions. Murder Mystery is one of the better films Netflix have made in terms of satisfying an audience; the worrying thing for the streamer must be that it’s the most ancient wine imaginable poured into the shiniest of new bottles.


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  1. My wife and I watched this last night. It’s an okay time waster. I’ve got nothing against Jennifer Aniston but I think she’s much better in movies when she’s in a supporting role such as in “Office Space” and the “Horrible Bosses” movies. Her sitcom style of acting just doesn’t work in feature films.

    This probably would have worked a lot better if Drew Barrymore had co-starred with Sandler as they have much better chemistry together. I’ll say one thing, tho: they sure didn’t skimp on the budget for location shooting. The movie is gorgeous to look at simply for it’s spectacular European locations.

      • It reminded me on a ABC Movie of The Week from the 1970s. If had been made back then the Jennifer Aniston role would have been played by Karen Valentine or Sharon Gless and the Adam Sandler role would have been played by Robert Reed or Ken Berry.

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