I, Tonya 2017 *****

If Martin Scorcese’s Wolf of Wall Street didn’t take a moment of it’s 182 minute running time to sympathise with the victim, at least it credulously tells Jordan Belfort’s story with plenty of style. The talking to the camera, the emphasis on the main’s characters bad-assery, the sentimental soundtrack of songs juxtaposed with the thematically dark action; these things have traditionally been masculine elements, but Craig Gillespie’s I, Tonya subverts all that. I, Tonya gives Margo Robbie plenty of opportunity to shine as publically-shamed ice skater Tonya Harding, with some nice comic back up from the men holding her back. There’s a little Coen Brothers small-crime whimsy here, but I, Tonya looks past the specifics of the story to depict a woman so often tripped up by men that being tripped by another woman seems like a novelty. Contains a pumped up tribute to Rocky, a haunting use of Supertramp’s Goodbye Stranger, and a dazzling ice dance set to ZZ Top’s anthem Sleeping Bag.


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