Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 ****

A film about Freddie Mercury and Queen doesn’t have to be great to find an audience; there’s a built-in interest the world over that made the behind-the-scenes issues of Bohemian Rhapsody irrelevant. After the respectable adult drama of A Star is Born, Rhapsody is a full-blown pop-art fantasy, revising , re-arranging and completely fabricating elements of a true story to provide a fun, satisfying ride for audiences. With each member of Queen captured with amusing detail, Rami Malek does a remarkable job at making Mercury the driving force here, from an immigrant baggage handler at Heathrow to a full-on rock god in the final Live-Aid re-enactment. With wall-to-wall Queen songs, plenty of sentiment towards Mercury, a few in jokes via Mike Meyers and lots of  contemporary costuming misfires, there’s always something to enjoy here; critics may have scoffed, but audiences rightly made the most of this vivid, ludicrous biopic.


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