The Hummingbird Project 2018

The Hummingbird Project is all about the competitive world of fibre optic tunnel cable-drilling. And not just tangentially; the entire film is about fibre-optic tunnel cable-drilling, it’s literally in every scene. The camera does not pan shyly away when the drilling starts; there are massive close-ups of drill apparatus, ideal for people who love tractors, industrial diggers and any kind of industrial machinery. Jesse Eisenberg plays Vincent, a young trader who teams up with cousin Anton (Alexander Skarsgard) to build a fibre-optic line from NYC to Kansas, giving them an edge over other traders. But their boss Eva Torres (Salma Hayek) wants to thwart them, so a battle of wills results, complicated when Eisenberg’s character discovers needs urgent medical assistance for an unforeseen issue.  This is a cyber-crime business drama, well-mounted and well-played. Eisenberg brings a little of his Social Network obsessiveness, while the usually hunky Skarsgard is very much against type as hulking baldy Anton. They’re a modern George and Lennie combo straight out of Of Mice and Men, and although Kim Nguyen’s film is a bit dry in places, it’s a worthwhile, grown up fable about how greed trips up the unwary.


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