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Great News 2017-2018 ***

Cheekily billed as Netflix original in the UK, Great News is an NBC/ Tina Fey-produced sitcom that plays like 30 Rock but in a newsroom. Briga Heelan plays Katie, a segment producer on a news show who struggles for sanity with vain newsreaders Chuck and Portia (John Michael Higgins and Nicole Richie), her mother Carol (Andrea Martin) and Greg (Adam Campbell) a British producer who is a rival and eventually her boyfriend. Fey herself turns up in the second series at Diana St John, a producer who threatens to take control of the station. Great News is a likeable trifle that, like 30 Rock, seems to be trying too hard to please everyone; but when the gags land, they are funny, like a recurring confusion about Gregg’s girlfriend Kat and his cat; ‘She won’t be able to make it, she’s in heat?’ ‘I thought you meant Kat the person?’ ‘I did, she’s in a Broadway musical based in the Michael Mann film….


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