Good Time 2017 ****

A good time is not had by all in this blistering low-life thriller from George and Bennie Safdie, featuring Twilight’s Robert Pattinson in a role that blows away any notion of him being defined by his teen-idol status. Pattison is intense as Connie Nikas, who bursts in on his brother’s Nick’s psychological evaluation and whisks him off into an abortive bank-robbery that leave the two men splattered with paint and on the run.  Nick is arrested, and when he’s unable to make bail, Connie decides to bust his brother out of jail, setting in motion a violent chain of events that lead to an amusement park and a bottle of soft drink that’s laced with several thousand dollars worth of LSD. The detail is vivid and persuasive in Good Time, which takes a few handbrakes twists on the way to a downbeat ending.  Bennie Safdie plays Nick well enough, but Pattinson is quite extraordinary here, with good support from Jennifer Jason Leigh and Barkhad Abdi. Good Time made barely a ripple at the box office, but should develop an audience on streaming if there’s a market of hard-bitten, intense crime cinema.


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