Mindhorn 2017 ****

Simon Farnaby writes and co-stars in this spoof of television detective’s, specifically BBC’s Bergerac. Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh plays Richard Thorncroft, an actor who has seen better days, mostly a TV tec Mindhorn, a chiselled, eye-patch-sporting playboy who solves cases on the Isle of Man. When a real-life serial killer starts taunting the police and demanding Mindhorn on the case, the actor is forced to join forces with the cops to fluch the maniac out. But Thorncroft, in an Ace in the Hole-style twist, realises that playing the role of Mindhorn might potentially revive his flagging career, and aims to prolong the investigation. Support from Farnaby, Steve Coogan, Russell Tovey and Andrea Riseborough give some indication of the kind of comedy here; while there’s a silliness about the concept, there’s also a generous amount of laughs; adults who enjoyed the Paddington films will find the same level of wit in Farnaby’s script here.


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