Alien 2: On Earth 1980 ***

Ciro Ippolito’s cheeky horror film is a rip-off rather than a sequel to Ridley Scott’s benchmark sci-fi horror, but it’s got a certain charm. Made in a brief moment before Fox copyrighted the Alien brand, Alien 2 sets a very different tone; a montage of scenes showing how the mechanism of a bowling alley operates, or a plaintive country and western song over footage of dustbowl California. After a noodling opening capturing such inessential scenes, Alien 2 eventually focuses on a group of potholers encountering a deadly alien life-form. Alien 2 mimics the action of the original in a cheaper setting, but there’s some imagination behind the effects, with Maria Bava involved in the process. The final scenes, in which pot-holers escape to find a deserted world, have a certain dreamlike quality, and the whole package, while laughable in comparison to Scott’s film, is pretty much compulsive viewing for lovers of Italian Eurotrash.


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