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The Breaker Upperers 2019 ***

Taika Waititi’s influence is felt in New Zealand’s chirpy comedy The Breaker Upperers, which deals wit two women who run a private agency to, for a sum of money, break up your relationship in style.  Jackie Van Beek is Jennifer,  Madeleine Sami is Mel,  and the service they provide is to break up relationships. They might arrive disguised as cops, or just accidentally impart the wrong information, but one way or another, they get the job done. . Tensions arise between the two women,  and they embark on separate relationships, one with an old flame, the other with a young footballer who still has a girlfriend and posse in tow. Delivering on a feel-bad-to-feel-good premise, The Breaker-Upperers is a deliberately tricky as the title is to say, with a dark view of humanity and relationships, but still one with potential for redemption.


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