Sound of My Voice 2012 ****

Time travel is once again the subject of this brainy slice of sci-fi, no less than expected from the partnership of writer and star Brit Marling and writer/director Zal Batmanglij. Journalists are intrigued by news of a woman claiming to be a time traveller, and attempt to infiltrate the cult around Maggie (Marling), who lives in an LA basement, eats only food grown there, and claims to have returned from the future where a civil war has resulted in catastrophe. Fans of The OA, and they are many and devoted, will want to check out all of Marling’s cinematic offerings, which add up to more than just dry runs. Whether Maggie is a real time traveller, or a witch, or a manipulative cult leader is up for grabs here, and there’s an edge to the proceedings that typifies Marling’s kooky but always smart take on the sci-fi genre.


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