Miracle Mile 1988 ****

Something of a cult film from the 80’s, this hot-button thriller takes a dim view of the possible lead-up top nuclear war. Rather than seeing events from silos or control rooms, writer/director Steve DeJarnatt’s thriller is tightly-focused on the point of view of Harry Washello (ER’s Anthony Edwards), who falls for Julie (Mare Winningham) in the zesty opening credits. His world is blown apart when he picks up a ringing street-phone and intercepts a message that reveals a nuclear attack is imminent. At first, Miracle Mile restricts it’s action to the burger bar/coffe shop where various patrons decide whether to believe Harry or not, before the story takes a more conventional turn towards escape plans.  Complete with a Tangerine Dream score, Miracle Mile is a smart, disturbing film, well worth discovering in a spankingly fresh print on Netflix.


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