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An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn 2018 ***

Comedy is a tricky business, but trusted names bring audiences in. Jermain Clement of Flight of the Conchords is exactly such a name. Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation is another. Matt Berry aka Stephen Toast in Toast of London means a full complement of talent. None of them seem content to rest on their laurels, and An Evening With Beverly Luff Lynn seems to be the result of some kind of experiment. A series of characters decend on a hotel where a Scots singer (Beverly Luff Linn) is due to perform.  Linn is highly strung, and each night his performance is rescheduled leaves time for more intrigue, notably between Clement’s hit-man and Plaza, on the run for an erratic Emile Hirch.  As comedy, the intention frequently seem to be intended to alienate, and yet there are gems, a monologue about birds, a dance to FR David’s Europop smash Words, and Beverly Luff Lynn’s show-stopping performance of Matt McGinn’s  primordial anthem ‘I wish that I had never become a football referee.’


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