Weekend Murders 1970 ***

Where do Amazon Prime even get these films? Even the most rigorous cineaste must frown and shrug their shoulders at such obscure entries like 1970’s Weekend Murders. Of course, it’s a minor gem, a engagingly daft country-house murder mystery in the Italian Giallo style but filmed in the UK. Directed by Michele Lopo, best known for his gladiator flicks, Weekend Murders features some distinguished British actors, including Richard Caldicot (The Navy Lark) and Ballard Berkley, instantly recognisable as the Major from Fawlty Towers. The investigative team is an odd-couple pairing matching The Godfather’s burly Gaston Moschine with British Lance Percival, and turning the tables by making Percival the smart one of the two. Somerlyton Hall in Suffolk looks great, the mystery is confusing but fun to resolve, and the dubbing is all over the place; Also known as The Story of Crime, Weekend Murders manages to rein in typical giallo sex and gore, and the result is something of a hoot from start to finish.


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