Top Line 1988 ***

Another mystifying entry on Amazon Prime, Top Line is a murky thriller of some kind; ideally approached with as little foreknowledge as possible. Franco Nero is an adventurer who is on the trail of a flying saucer; there’s a striking scene in which he finds a fishing boat inside a mountain cave; ‘The cave is a spaceship’ someone helpfully points out. In a strange alternate universe, no-one in Top Line seems amazed or even surprised about the existence of extra-terrestrials; they’re only concerned with how much money might be made out of their technology. Top Line is an extremely weird mish-mash of Romancing The Stone, Close Encounters and eventually The Terminator, with an alien cyborg turning up in the final act to chase everyone around. When a film warns you of the ‘extraordinary participation of George Kennedy’ you know you’re in for a treat, and the Airport star doesn’t disappoint, wandering around in a dressing gown and then driving his car through a field of cactuses as only he could.


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