Starcrash 1979 ****

The very idea of a 1080p or Blu-ray quality version of Starcrash is something bizarre; at the highest definition, it still looks like five different films stitched together. But what films? There’s a Star Wars rip-off, with typically 1978 spaceships, lazers and robots. There’s a Flesh Gordon/Barbarella sex-comedy, with Caroline Munro’s outfits suitable for kids of a certain age. There’s cod-Ray Harryhausen stop motion including weird giant statue, and there’s insane support from Joe Spinell as a galaxy emperor, David Haseelhoff as a Han Solo type, and notably from Christopher Plummer, who gets to deliver an incredible closing speech that aptly summarises the complete farrago what’s just unfolded. A wonderful mess on a par with Luigi Cozzi’s similarly bonkers The Humanoid, Starcrash is the ideal film to zone out and just go with it, whatever it is.


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